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10/20 9:40 Yoga+ is cancelled. 10:45 Nia is ON.

10/25 10:00 Yoga+ is cancelled. 10:45 Nia is ON.

10/27 ALL classes are cancelled.

What Julia's Students are Saying: 

“Julia’s classes are always fun and her ability to explain the moves and demonstrate them in a way that's easy to follow is awesome. Julia makes everyone feel welcome and successful. She's always open to suggestions and is very supportive.”

“Julia is the ultimate teacher bringing her deep warmth, genuineness and love of Nia to each and every class.  She is easy to follow and creates an environment that allows for each dancer to listen to her own body's way with joy and without judgment.”

“Julia introduced me to Nia. She inspires me. Her class strengthens and stretches my body, challenges and sharpens my mind, and brings joy to my heart and soul. Each class, each routine, each teacher awakens something special.  Julia's yoga and dance training give her the knowledge of safe alignment and agility. Her style is elegant. Her cues are clear. Her smile is encouraging and empowering. I always have fun and learn something new. I am so grateful to dance with Julia.”

"Julia's innate ability to teach, alongside her intuitive response to Nia and yoga, mean her classes are amongst the most welcoming and approachable you can find. Her charm and warmth make for a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience all-round. Love, love, love her classes!" 

“I love that Julia connects with her students from her heart.  I love the way she embodies the routines and brings the full potential of those routines to every class. I love the lightness and easiness in which she moves. I think Julia is extremely professional when teaching and it's easy to follow her in class; great timing, great cues!”

“I took my very first yoga class with Julia approximately two years ago and have been hooked ever since! I was apprehensive at first, but Julia really took the time to make sure everyone was comfortable, yet also challenged by the sequences! I have since taken other yoga classes and none even come close to comparing to what Julia offers. Aside from being literally one of the nicest people I've ever met, she has this uncanny ability to create challenging, unique and fun flows. She is mindful of the different skill levels of those in her class and provides modifications to the poses to ensure everyone gets exactly what they want from the practice! To say that I highly recommend Julia is quite an understatement! You'll be hooked in no time just like myself and so many others!”

"I've spent the past 2+ years training under Julia. I am drawn to Julia's way of teaching because of her approach to yoga. I've found her approach to be very therapeutic, and as someone who struggles with adrenal fatigue, this is just what I was after. I've tried many forms of yoga; Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga, etc. Julia's classes aren't like most, they are a mix of Restorative/Hatha/Iyengar yoga.  Her approach is slow and methodical, and she values form above all else. Form, I've found, is the key to a strong yoga practice. It's the key to getting into any pose. Before practicing with Julia, I struggled with some of the most basic poses, all because I wasn't properly trained in the fundamentals. During class, she walks you through getting into each pose, step by step. Without this teaching, something like crow or headstand was out of reach for me.  But with it, I feel empowered to take my practice to the next level!"